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TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

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How Time-Tracking Software Makes Handling Leave Requests a Cinch

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How Time-Tracking Software Makes Handling Leave Requests a Cinch

For 2023, employee leave requests are expected to increase from 41% to 60%, which is a huge jump from 21% in 2021.

Are you equipped to handle this all on your own? Probably not.

As a small business owner, you’ve already got your hands full with other responsibilities. Administrative work shouldn’t tie up your time, and TimeTrakGO is here to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Here’s how our time-tracking software makes handling leave requests easy.

No Manual Data Entry

Handwritten timesheets can get messy and are often inaccurate. After all, it won’t tell you if you’ve accidentally let too many people off on one shift, and you might inadvertently end up with no one to take care of customers for half a day.

Our time-tracking software will show you up-to-the-minute details so you have an accurate picture of who’s working when. It’ll also prevent double data entry so no double-shifts are scheduled either.

More Employee Independence

It’s up to employees to keep track of how much PTO they have left in the year, but let’s be truthful: many rely on their employer to tell them their balance, and this can get tiresome and time-consuming for you.

Our software allows employees to check their current PTO balance by using the time clock, which has PTO tracking. This prevents them from asking you the same question over and over again.

One-Click Approvals

Handwritten timesheets can take up a lot of your time, but so can time-tracking software if it’s not designed well. But if you’re worried about learning complicated software that’ll take up precious time to handle leave requests, then leave those worries behind.

With our software, you’ll have a general overview of pending PTO requests. All it takes is one click to approve or decline these requests, and you’re done!

Consistent Documentation

One-third of employers make a payroll mistake in any given year, and around 25% of all employees have dealt with paycheck errors. Considering these statistics, it’s understandable that workers are weary of their employers’ record-keeping skills.

You should be prepared if employees contest how their paid time off was handled, then you’ll need the proper data to back your case up. Our software will have time and date stamps that’ll quickly settle any disputes that arise.

Handle Leave Requests With Ease

Leave requests can be tedious to handle if you’re a business owner, especially if you’re often busy with other tasks. However, if you use TimeTrakGO, PTO requests will be effortless to tackle.

In addition, our time-tracking software keeps accurate records of when people clock in and out, and how much PTO they’ve used already. With our digital system, you’ll eliminate the mess of manual timesheets. As a result, you’ll save yourself some time and money.

If you’re interested in what TimeTrakGO offers, then sign up for a free trial now. You don’t have to put your credit card information in, and you can cancel anytime you want!