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Simply put (pun intended)

TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

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Face Recognition Time Clock System


Affordable Face Recognition Time Clock System.

TimeTrakGO’s face recognition time clock system replaces conventional time clock options. Introduce your employees to a simple and easy-to-use program that gets them clocked in or out in no time at all.


Our technology verifies your employee’s face in a few seconds. Eliminate the need for costly devices, badges, or time cards. Introduce your organization to our cost-effective face recognition time clock app.

Ideal For:

Office Employees

Warehouse Workers

Medical • Dental • Legal

Insurance • Finance

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How Does It Work?

Turn any iPad or Android tablet into a facial recognition time clock. TimeTrakGO enables you to save money compared to other expensive hardware devices. With TimeTrakGO we’ll have your facial recognition time clock system up and GOing in just a few minutes.


The facial recognition time clock uses your employees’ unique features to clock them in and out. The system recognizes each person using the device’s built-in camera. Employees can easily scan their faces instead of dealing with paper timesheets or complicated time clock systems.

Simple and Easy to Use

TimeTrakGO a Time Clock System Workers Will Actually Use


Our “simply better” approach to employee time tracking ensures your employees will feel confident in the time clock with an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Once they are identified they can easily clock in, out, or access self-service information.

Simple and Intuitive

Instant Feedback

Time Card View

Daily Hours

Weekly Hours

Period Hours

facial recognition time clock
Intuitive Self-Service

Reduce the burden on supervisors or managers with the optional self-service feature. Employees are able to view their total hours for the day, week, and pay period from the time clock device. Individual daily punches are also visible with our unique graphical employee time cards.


Empower your employees with a biometric face recognition time clock system from TimeTrakGO that will save you time and money each pay period. Best of all, because TimeTrakGO is powered by an ordinary tablet, your time clock system will be up and GOing in just minutes!

Replaces Traditional Time Clocks

Time to ditch the dusty time clock and crumpled timesheets! Our revolutionary PIN entry employee time clock app is here to catapult your workforce into the future. Imagine sleek tablets replacing bulky devices, effortless clock-in/out with a simple PIN, and real-time data at your fingertips. Say goodbye to endless paperwork and outdated systems. This app means reliable timesheets, happier employees, and more time for what truly matters.


So, are you ready to ditch the dinosaur and go digital? Contact us today and embrace the future of the employee time clock!


iOS and Android Compatible

User Friendly Design

Secured with App Pinning

Biometric Facial Recognition

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Time Clock App Dashboard
Common FAQ's
Can I really use a tablet as a time clock?

The TimeTrakGO Kiosk app seamlessly transforms a standard tablet into a facial-recognition employee time clock within a matter of minutes. This versatile app is conveniently accessible at no cost from the Apple App Store and is also available on Google Play.

Is it fast and easy for employees?

Yes! The TimeTrakGO Kiosk App is very user-friendly for employees. This app quickly captures an employee’s photo and can identify them in under one second in the majority of instances. Unlike fingerprint time clocks, facial recognition boasts an impressive success rate, resulting in happier employees.

What Tablet should I use?

At TimeTrakGO, we highly recommend utilizing a premium tablet, such as an Apple iPad or a Samsung Android Tablet. However, even more budget-friendly Android tablets are fully compatible with TimeTrakGO. For the best user experience, it’s ideal to choose a tablet with a screen size of 9 inches or larger.

Can I prevent access to other Apps?

Absolutely! This is a common apprehension we encounter when individuals contemplate using a tablet for their employee time clock. Apple iPads offer a feature known as Guided Access, which effectively locks any app onto the screen and enforces added security through a PIN. On the Android side, there’s a similar feature called App Pinning, which, when activated, thwarts any attempts to exit the app or access the “swipe down” menu. Your tablet is in safe hands with these protective measures in place.

Can it be mounted to the wall?

Certainly! In the modern era, it has become a prevalent practice to affix regular tablets securely to walls, employing them as versatile kiosks for a wide range of purposes. These applications commonly include point-of-sale systems, visitor management software, smart home controls, and employee time clocks. If you’re considering wall-mounting your tablet, we recommend visiting reputable websites such as or to explore the options available to you.

Safe and Secure

TimeTrakGO uses cloud-based technology to keep all of your date safe and secure while providing access no matter where you are.


Discover Better Accountability With TimeTrakGO

At TimeTrakGO, we strive to deliver the best employee time tracking app around. Simple yet powerful, our mobile employee software creates better accountability with as little stress as possible. Revolutionize the way you track timecards by getting started for free today.