GPS Time Clock App for Employees

Simple employee time clock app with GPS and Geofence security makes tracking employee hours a easy, saving you time and money.

Time Tracking App with GPS

Stop wasting time managing scattered teams with outdated time tracking!

TimeTrakGO’s powerful time tracking app with GPS simplifies everything. Our user-friendly system lets you effortlessly track employee hours no matter where they work, from in-office to remote locations or out in the field.

Say goodbye to messy hand-written timesheets. TimeTrakGO ensures accurate timekeeping for a more streamlined workflow.

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GPS Location Map Report

GPS Location Tracking

For added peace of mind, TimeTrakGO goes beyond simple time tracking. Our app captures employee location data during clock-in and out punches.

This means you can verify work locations on a map, which is especially helpful for field service teams or employees with flexible schedules.

Gain peace of mind knowing your team is working where they should be while giving your employees the freedom of flexible work arrangements.

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Simplify Employee Time Tracking

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Geofencing Time Clock App

TimeTrakGO PLUS offers increased security with a feature called Geofencing. Imagine a virtual fence around a real-world location, like a specific job site or your office building.

With Geofencing, employees can only clock in or out using the TimeTrakGO mobile app if they’re physically within the designated area. This ensures accurate time tracking and provides peace of mind.

TimeTrakGO understands the importance of data security and privacy. Employee location data is encrypted during transmission and stored securely on our servers.

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Timekeeping dashboard

Real-time Reporting Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard identifies missing punches for your remote team, highlighting potential discrepancies right on the screen. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual searches and complex adjustments.

Supervisors can conveniently review and correct missing punches directly from the dashboard, saving valuable time and ensuring frustration-free time card review.

Self-Service Time Tracking App

With real-time access on their phones, remote employees can view daily and weekly hours, check punch details, and even monitor their overtime or PTO balances.

Submitting time off requests is also a breeze – all done electronically within the time clock app, streamlining the process for both employees and managers.

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Time Clock Software Benefits

Employee Time Clock Options

Integrate various clocking options for your entire workforce.

Mobile App

Time clock app for iPhone and Android devices.


Browser-based virtual time clock for employees.

Tablet App

Turn an ordinary tablet into a traditional employee time clock.

Finally, a web-based time clock software that is simple and easy to use.

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