Remote Employee Time Tracking

TimeTrakGO is a web-based timekeeping app that makes it easy for your remote team to track their hours, anywhere, anytime.

Remote Employee Time Clock

Whether they’re working from home, a coffee shop, or another remote location, TimeTrakGO ensures accurate employee time tracking without geographical headaches.

It’s the perfect solution for today’s dispersed workforce, streamlining your workflow and saving everyone valuable time. Plus, TimeTrakGO’s flexibility makes it ideal not just for remote teams, but also for on-site employees who may occasionally work from home or off-site.

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Mobile App or Browser Based

TimeTrakGO caters to the diverse needs of your remote workforce with flexible time clock options. Our mobile app is perfect for employees on the GO. Whether they’re traveling for work, attending meetings off-site, or working from a co-working space, the app allows them to easily clock in and out with a few taps.

For employees who primarily work from a home office, TimeTrakGO’s web-browser based virtual time clock provides a convenient and familiar way to track their hours. This flexibility empowers your remote team to choose the method that best suits their needs and work style.

GPS, Geofence, and IP Restrictions

Managing a remote team’s time comes with unique security considerations. TimeTrakGO offers several features designed to address these concerns while fostering trust with your employees.

For situations requiring location verification, our mobile app can capture GPS location data during time punches. Need more control? Enable the optional Geofence feature to restrict clocking to only authorized locations.

Finally, IP whitelisting secures your web-based time clock by limiting access to authorized devices with pre-approved IP addresses or device ID’s.

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Simplify Employee Time Tracking

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Real-Time Reporting and Punch Detail

TimeTrakGO empowers you with real-time reporting and detailed punch information for your entire remote team. Our convenient dashboard provides instant visibility into daily, weekly, and pay period hours, ensuring accurate payroll processing without the delay.

Identify potential discrepancies or overtime concerns early on. This allows for timely communication and increased payroll accuracy, preventing them from becoming bigger issues down the road

Remote Employee PTO Tracking

TimeTrakGO offers a streamlined solution for managing your remote team’s time off. Our user-friendly system allows employees to easily submit PTO requests electronically, specifying the type of leave (vacation, sick day, etc.) and desired dates.

Managers can then review and approve requests directly within the platform, ensuring clear communication and a transparent approval process.

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Time Clock Software Benefits

Employee Time Clock Options

Integrate various clocking options for your entire workforce.

Mobile App

Time clock app for iPhone and Android devices.


Browser-based virtual time clock for employees.

Tablet App

Turn an ordinary tablet into a traditional employee time clock.

Finally, a web-based time clock software that is simple and easy to use.

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