PTO Tracking Software

TimeTrakGO’s PTO tracking software lets you manage vacation and sick leave balances for your entire team with ease.

PTO Tracking Software for Employees

TimeTrakGO’s automated PTO tracking makes managing paid time off a breeze. Track vacation and sick leave balances easily, with access for both you and your employees.

Eliminate the hassle of managing state sick leave laws and intricate accrual rules. Automate them with TimeTrakGO!

PTO tracking software for employees
vacation time tracking software

Vacation Time Tracking Software

Whether you just need a reliable system to track PTO balances or a complete solution for managing all aspects of employee leave, we’ve got you covered.

Our PTO software seamlessly integrates with our time tracking system, creating a powerful one-stop shop for workforce management.

Streamline PTO tracking, empower employees with self-service time off requests, and gain real-time insights into team availability – all within a user-friendly platform.

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Simplify Employee Time Tracking

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PTO Calendar

TimeTrakGO’s built-in PTO calendar gives you a complete picture of your team’s time off. It highlights employee leave requests (approved, pending, and denied) alongside manual time card entries and even pre-scheduled company holidays.

This all-in-one view simplifies PTO management and ensures clear visibility into team availability.

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automatic PTO accrual earnings

Automatic PTO Accruals

Design custom policies with flexible accrual options (yearly, monthly, pay period, hourly, and percentage) and automate time-consuming regulations like sick leave or family leave.

Gain real-time insights into leave usage with comprehensive reports and dashboards, fostering transparency across the board. TimeTrakGO saves you time and empowers your team to manage their well-deserved time off effectively.

Example PTO Rules

  • Yearly: Earn 24 hours of Sick leave per year.
  • Yearly Anniversary: Get 40, 80, or 120 hours of Vacation based on service, awarded annually on your anniversary date.
  • Monthly: Earn 4 hours of Sick leave each month.
  • Pay Period: Accrue 8 hours of Vacation each pay period (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).
  • Hourly: Receive 1 hour of Sick leave for every 40 hours worked.
  • Hourly Percentage: Earn 2.5% of your worked hours as Vacation time.
PTO Accrual rules software

Time Clock Software Benefits

Employee Time Clock Options

Integrate various clocking options for your entire workforce.

Mobile App

Time clock app for iPhone and Android devices.


Browser-based virtual time clock for employees.

Tablet App

Turn an ordinary tablet into a traditional employee time clock.