Just 23% of the American workforce feels engaged while at work.

An employee on a 40-hour workweek spends over 2,000 hours per year working at your company. We’re willing to bet those hours are spent differently depending on the employee you look at. Unproductive employees hurt your business, but it’s not always their fault.

To successfully boost productivity, you need a time clock for employees. In today’s post, we’ll tell you why TimeTrakGo is the best employee time-tracking software on the market. It’s accurate and easy to use, so keep reading and learn why you should implement it into the day-to-day operations of your company.

Track Employee Time

Time tracking software can boost efficiency in many ways, but the most obvious is seeing what your employees are up to. With a time tracking app, you can see when employees clock in, take breaks, and clock out and what they’re doing during work hours.

Our platform offers simple time sheets for employees to fill out and graphical time cards to ensure employees are responsible and time-efficient. You’ll be able to analyze the way your employees work and adjust their schedules to save money and enhance productivity.

Scheduling and Clocking

When you have a growing staff, staying on top of scheduling becomes more and more tricky. With employee time tracking software, things like scheduling and work hours management become simple.

In certain industries, such as retail or warehousing, you need to be able to quickly outline an efficient schedule for many employees. With TimeTrakGo, you can do this in a few simple steps.

You’ll also have a variety of clock options for time tracking. Our biometric time clocks use face recognition software to streamline the punch-in/punch-out process and get your employees working sooner.

Remote Tracking

Small businesses have been forced to embrace remote work since the pandemic. Remote work is inherently more difficult to track, but not with our web-based time clocks and app.

You can use the same platform on your remote employees as you do with your in-office team. This takes away the anxiety of remote workers not working as efficiently as they could.

Control Overtime

Something a lot of businesses struggle with is employees who take advantage of overtime pay. This can cost small businesses thousands in unnecessary expenditures. A lack of productivity during work hours shouldn’t cost your business.

With time tracking, you can monitor employee hours and control overtime. Our projected hours algorithm even predicts overtime before it happens, so you can take the necessary measures to stop it. You’ll be able to single out underperforming employees and come up with ways to keep them productive during their 40-hour work week.

Get the Best Time Clock for Employees

If you want to keep your employees on schedule and motivated – the keys to productivity – digital time clocks are the way to go. You’ll be able to keep better tabs on how your business operates and where it could be more productive.

The best time clock for employees is TimeTrakGo. With our streamlined platform and numerous clock options for diverse business situations, we’re the best bet for tracking employee hours and scheduling. Contact us today for a free 14-day trial of our software.

Published On: July 9th, 2024 / Categories: Time Tracking /