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Simply put (pun intended)

TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

Employee Time Tracking Made Simple – 14-Day Free Trial

Simple Management Dashboard

Save time and increase accuracy with our new Management Dashboard!

Key Dashboard Features

  • Total Hours – Total hours for the period.
  • Errors – With quick editing right from the dashboard.
  • System Notifications – Time Off Requests, Locked Out Users, etc.
  • Employee Hours Detail – Total hours by pay code.
  • In/Out Board – Current user status.
  • Recent Punches – Sequential list of the most recent punches.
  • Map – Quick access to the user location map.

Step 1: Start Your 14-Free Trial

Getting started takes just a few seconds.

Create your account today and answer a few simple questions to get set up. We are here to help if you get stuck.

Step 2: Add Your Employees

Quickly enter your employees.

We offer a Bulk Add feature so you can quickly enter your entire workforce in just minutes.

Step 3: Streamline Payroll

Is your business using the right employee time tracking app?

Once set-up is complete, doing payroll will take minutes, not hours, so you can spend that extra time growing your business.

Save Time and Money Today

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