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Simply put (pun intended)

TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

Employee Time Tracking Made Simple – 14-Day Free Trial

Worried about monthly fees?

See how much TimeTrakGO can save you each month!

Save Time and Money!
By saving just one minute per employee each day, TimeTrakGO covers its own costs every month.
Gain additional savings with the following.

ZERO Upfront Costs

TimeTrakGO has no required upfront costs. Although, some customers choose to purchase a tablet such as an iPad when using Facial Recognition.

No Required Upgrades or Support Contracts

With TimeTrakGO software updates are FREE and Automatic. Setup assistance and on-going support and also included FREE on all plans.

Reduced Human Error

The American Payroll Association estimates between 1% and 8% of gross payroll can be attributed to Human Error.

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Time Clock Software

Finally, a web-based time clock software that is simple and easy to use.

online time card software
Reduced Technical Burden
Unlike on-premise software, TimeTrakGO has no hidden costs or technical requirements.
Maximize your savings with TimeTrakGO!

No Expensive Server Hardware

TimeTrakGO is 100% cloud-based. This eliminates the need for costly server requirements such as SQL or OS Licenses.

Avoid Costly Time Clocks

Most time clocks these days are touch-screen devices, running Android OS. Cut out the middle man and BYOD (bring your own device) using any ordinary tablet!

Zero Support Headaches

Nothing is worse than critical software that doesn't work. Enjoy 99.99% uptime with TimeTrakGO and eliminate surprise glitches from Windows updates or configuration errors.

Instant ROI (Return on Investment)
With TimeTrakGO, you'll begin reaping the benefits and enjoying cost savings right from the very first month.
Cloud Software = Instant Savings

Start Using TimeTrakGO Today!

It only takes a few minutes to start a 14-day free trial of TimeTrakGO. After signing up a quick-start wizard will guide you through the setup.

Reduced Overtime Costs

With accurate time tracking and real-time visibility into employee hours, you can effectively manage and minimize overtime expenses.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

By ensuring accurate pay for every employee, you not only save time on resolving payroll issues but also boost employee morale and retention.

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Time Clock Software
Time Clock App Dashboard

Facial Recognition – PIN – Mobile Clocking

Turns an ordinary tablet into an employee time clock in just minutes!


TimeTrakGO’s PIN-Keypad entry time clock system replaces conventional employee time clock options. Introduce your employees to a modern employee time clock that simplifies clocking in or out by using a touchscreen tablet.

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