In today’s ever-growing remote workforce it is sometimes difficult to determine when a remote employee is working.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for employees to work remotely has increased significantly.  With this rise, the need for remote worker time tracking has become much more important.

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently issued guidance in the form of Field Assistance Bulletin 2020-5 dated 8/24/2020.  It clarifies an employer’s obligations related to tracking time for remote workers.  The bulletin specifically addresses worked but not scheduled hours.  The DOL is responding directly to the new remote work arrangements created as a result of the coronavirus.  It is worth mentioning the guidance applies to all remote work arrangements.

If an employer has reason to believe work is being performed by an employee, that time must be counted as hours worked.

How can employers ensure all worked hours are tracked for remote workers?

Employers should provide a reasonable method for affected employees to track their worked time.  A simple online time tracking system would give employers a method of reporting that can satisfy the DOL’s guidance to track ALL worked time.   Adding a time tracking system greatly reduces the need for an employer to uncover unreported hours by employees.  That said, employers must also not prevent or discourage an employee from accurately reporting worked time.

Beyond satisfying employers obligations for remote workers, adding a time tracking system can also:

  • Increase employee Time Card accuracy
    • Avoid mistakes that manual or separate systems create
  • Provide timely reporting
    • Always see employee time in the real-time.
  • Make it easy to identify errors and exceptions
    • Quickly identify timecard errors such as Early or Late clocking, Short or Long Lunches, and missed clocking.
  • Identify overtime in real-time before it happens
    • Make decisions about potential overtime before it occurs.
  • Organize employee schedules
    • The ability to quickly override schedules provides flexibility and saves time and money

If you have a need for remote worker time tracking or simply want to start tracking employee time you should consider using time tracking software.  The good news is you can start quickly and simply.  Software like TimeTrakGO allows you to start time tracking of non-exempt employees in minutes plus you get a 14 day Free Trial.

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