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Common Myths About Employee Time Tracking

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Common Myths About Employee Time Tracking

Common Myths About Employee Time Tracking

There are plenty of misconceptions about employee time tracking that leave business owners and employees alike debating its use. Some may fear it is unethical and damages trust in the workplace, while others see the comprehensive benefits of such technology. Let’s look at the most common myths about employee time tracking and why they’re myths, after all.

Time Tracking Means You Don’t Trust Employees

Many employees think that time tracking technology is a way for employers to control them due to a lack of trust. But time tracking is not intended to control employees— rather, employers use it to better understand workflow, keep track of payroll, and stay organized. By tracking when employees clock in for the day, clock out for lunch, and clock out at the end of the day with simple employee clock software, employers can keep accurate and organized timestamps for payroll.

Time Tracking Invades Privacy

For some, time tracking may feel like an invasion of their privacy. This may result from the idea that it opens the gateways for criticism on their work and methods.

However, the goal of time tracking services isn’t to bust employees who aren’t working like robots for eight hours a day. The goal is to make sure projects don’t fall by the wayside. If an employee is spending too much of their day on their phone, taking long lunches, or showing up late, time tracking will help employers put a stop to it. Employees who follow expectations don’t need to worry about time tracking.

Time Tracking Only Benefits Employers

Time tracking software has many benefits for both employees and employers. For example, if an employee has been using overtime hours every week, time tracking software will document it. This employee may be working overtime because their workload is too much to handle within regular hours, signaling to the employer that something needs to change. This reduces the stressful workload for the employee and helps them return to a healthy work-life balance.

These common myths about employee time tracking shouldn’t steer your business away from the technology. Time tracking software has plenty of benefits for employers and employees.