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How To Keep Track of Employee Vacation Time

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How To Keep Track of Employee Vacation Time

How To Keep Track of Employee Vacation Time

Have you ever wondered how to keep track of employee vacation time easily and efficiently? There are three main ways to keep track of employee vacation time. One way is with spreadsheets, another with a paper system, and finally, employee vacation tracking software. Let’s discuss the differences between these paid time off tracking systems and why one is more beneficial than the other two.



A spreadsheet is a file created on a computer that looks like a worksheet full of columns and rows used to organize pieces of information and calculate numerical data when needed. In this case, vacation time for employees. Excel is the most common form of spreadsheets.


Spreadsheets have their place but not necessarily with time tracking. Vacation time must be accurate so a position in the company isn’t unfulfilled while an employee is gone, and also so the employee’s pay isn’t interrupted.


Anytime manual entry of data is required, the risk from mistakes and inaccuracy is increased. It’s just a matter of time before someone forgets to record information or records it incorrectly. So, although spreadsheets work for tracking time, they are becoming a bit archaic compared to new innovations in software.



Another way to keep track of employee vacation time is with a paper system. With a paper system, timesheets are manually filled in by employees and then reviewed for accuracy and payroll.


For vacation, an employee puts in a written request for time off and waits for approval. Once approved, they then need to manually block off the vacation time on their paper timesheet. Just as with a spreadsheet, this type of paid time off tracking system runs a greater risk of inaccuracy. Without the automated system of calculating numerical processes, the paper timesheet system is the least favorable for efficiency.


Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software allows for automated time tracking and accurate recording of vacation time for employees. Employees can use it daily while at the office, giving them a quick way to clock in and out each day. This type of employee vacation tracking software offers employees the opportunity to request PTO (paid time off) and any other time off-related concerns quickly and easily through the software system. Once approved, the employee is notified and the scheduled vacation time is automatically recorded.


With this efficient system in place, everyone is clear of the time off and any necessary arrangements can easily be made. A great benefit is the software’s ability to notify all necessary parties concerned of the time off and can be set to send reminders as the time nears.


In conclusion, vacation time shouldn’t be a hassle. Using the latest technology in time tracking software to keep track of employee vacation time eliminates glitches and confusion and, most of all, creates simple and efficient accuracy for keeping track of employee time.


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