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Strategies To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Strategies To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Strategies To Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Although remote working has been an option for some businesses for some time now, it has sky-rocketed in the past year. Many companies and employees are learning to adjust to this new lifestyle and way of accomplishing tasks. Thankfully, remote work has proven itself successful, and many employees reap the benefits of working from home. Using a few strategies to keep remote employees engaged helps employers to maintain a strong and satisfied workforce, even without the office.

Encourage Time Off

Providing vacation time, especially paid vacation time, is necessary for happy employees. However, don’t just offer the time—encourage it.

Have a quick meeting now and then to remind employees that their mental health is important to the management team. Encourage time off by letting them know that the business will survive for a few days without them and that you’d prefer to see them refreshed.

Dedicated employees easily guilt themselves into thinking they shouldn’t take time off. Don’t let that happen.


It’s much easier to recognize employees and their accomplishments when everyone is under one roof.

When you have remote employees, it takes a little effort on management’s part to make sure everyone receives recognition for their hard work. Continue recognition policies and practices virtually, when necessary. Let remote employees know you see them.


As the office continues to keep its distance from everyone, don’t let social activities end. Here are a few ideas to keep things social:

  • Virtual happy hours after work
  • Game nights
  • Lunch breaks together via video chat
  • Breaks throughout the day via video chat
  • Book club

Ask Employees for Feedback

How are your remote working employees doing? If you aren’t sure, then you haven’t asked.

Gather everyone a few times a month via video, just to check in and see how they are feeling about work and life in general. Employees want to know that they aren’t just a number. They have lives outside of work, and one of a manager’s many jobs is to help them balance all of it.

Encourage an environment that welcomes honest and transparent suggestions.

Consider Time-Tracking Software

Time-tracking software is beneficial to employees, as it allows them to stay connected and a part of the company even from home.

Clocking in and out each day through a software system gives the employee accountability, and many prefer this setup to help them stay motivated and engaged. Time tracking for projects also reminds remote employees that management is aware of their hard work.

In conclusion, to keep remote employees engaged, encourage participation from home using video conferencing, offer helpful strategies, implement useful software, encourage breaks and time off, and most importantly, find out what the remote employees need by asking for their input.

TimeTrakGO offers remote employee time-tracking software to help keep remote employees engaged. Contact us to hear all the ways time tracking benefits remote employees.