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How to Know if Remote Employees Are Working: A Quick Guide

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how to know if remote employees are working

How to Know if Remote Employees Are Working: A Quick Guide

Research has shown that remote workers are more productive on average. When people don’t have to commute to the office, they’re often in a better headspace to start their day off right. However, not every remote employee maintains a high level of productivity.

Some businesses even experience issues with time fraud and remote employees not working. The good news is that there is a simple solution to these problems. Let’s explore how to know if remote employees are working.

Task Management

This is one of the most straightforward ways to check employee productivity. The process is simple: you check your employees’ completed assignments and see if they align with productivity goals for that time period.

For example, let’s assume that one of your employees should have completed 10 assignments by the end of Friday afternoon. If they have only completed five assignments, you need to confront them about why this occurred.

Time Tracking Software

Remote employee time tracking is the most effective way to gain insight into how productive your workers are. Reputable software helps you seamlessly track employee hours and days off so you can compare this information to their completed work. Since the software is so simple to use, it’s easy to integrate into any workplace setting.

Remote Monitoring

This is more appropriate for large employers who have hundreds or thousands of employees. Remote monitoring applications allow employers to record certain activities, such as their keystrokes, the websites they visit, and even what they click on.

It’s worth noting that the software can only provide insight into your employees’ productivity. It doesn’t provide information about the quality of their work.

Resolving Poor Productivity

In the event that you encounter productivity issues, there are certain steps you should take. Being receptive to employee concerns and suggestions can go a long way. When you’re willing to listen, it will be much easier to make the necessary changes.

Of course, there may not always be a resolution in the employee’s favor. In this case, you should clearly convey what is expected of them.

Many companies find great success in offering resources to manage stress and anxiety. Although working remotely provides an amazing amount of flexibility, some people find it stressful. A common way employers handle this is by including mental health days in their paid time off (PTO) policy.

This can substantially improve long-term employee productivity. As long as both parties are willing to make improvements, there shouldn’t be issues in the future.

How to Know if Remote Employees Are Working

It’s crucial to understand how to know if remote employees are working, as this will help you keep them as productive as possible. From here, you can take your business performance to new levels.

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