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How To Manage Employees From a Remote Location

How To Manage Employees From a Remote Location

How To Manage Employees From a Remote Location

Whether you were unexpectedly offering remote work to employees or are now seeing the benefits and want to implement it permanently, there are ways to manage employees from a remote location to make the transition smooth and employees happy and productive. Let’s look at some ways that help make that happen.



Truly, remote work would be impossible without the use of today’s innovative technology. When it comes to remote work, software systems that help track time and clock-ins are essential to creating a smooth transition from office to home and keeping everyone on track. So, choose a time tracking software system for your company that allows you all to stay connected and accountable.



You can’t emphasize communication enough. One of the most effective ways to manage employees from a remote location is to keep communication lines open however you can. Imagine working in an office for years where an employee could simply knock on your door for a quick chat if there’s a concern. Now put yourself in that employee’s shoes. They may suddenly feel alone in the company while at home on their laptop.


Create a system that reminds you or someone from management to check in on every employee on a regular basis. Again, use technology to your advantage: texting, online chat systems, email, video calls, and meetings all work well in keeping the chatter going and the questions answered.



Sounds simple enough, right? Encouragement probably flowed naturally in the office. You could literally pat someone on the back and say, “good job.” Now, days—even weeks could go by—and if a manager isn’t careful, they can forget to give any words of encouragement.


Just like with communication, you must practice empathy to manage remote employees well. The best way to do this is to understand what you need as an employee; your employees have the same needs. We all do a better job when we know we’re appreciated. This can still easily happen when managing remotely. Here are a few ideas of how to recognize employees and show gratefulness even when you aren’t all together:


  • Announcements during video meetings
  • Emails sent to everyone
  • Quick texts to your employee
  • Phone calls
  • Surprise gift cards for a coffee
  • Chat areas created just for praise and gratitude


Using these encouragement ideas, along with communication and a user-friendly time management system, managing remote employees is possible. When the proper effort is put in from the beginning, you’ll see productive, loyal employees who greatly appreciate the flexibility of the company.


TimeTrakGO is the trusted source for remote time management software systems. We keep the system simple, easy to understand, and accurate so the management team can focus on other tasks at hand. TimeTrakGO offers many time tracking options, including a timesheet for remote workers, which quickly records time from wherever an employee is located. This simplifies work for everyone, including the employee. Contact TimeTrakGO, and we’ll show you how our time tracking software can take the remote transition from confusing to quick and easy.