A Global Positioning System (GPS) allows an employer to see when their employees’ workday begins and ends. It’s not recorded and then sent, but rather, the software gives an instant snapshot of the current time. At first glance, it looks as though GPS time tracking is essentially a form of invading the privacy of employees. The reality, however, is that GPS time tracking helps both the employer and employee show accuracy, which in turn pays off when needing to know hours worked, time spent with clients, pay owed, and what sort of time is needed to complete projects. Let’s look at why GPS time tracking is important.

What Is GPS Time Tracking?

There are three ways to implement and use GPS time tracking, and they are as follows:

  1. Mobile Device — Using smartphones, the tracking system maps location coordinates, showing you an employee’s status. This is helpful in situations such as when a client is out of the office for any reason. With GPS tracking software, employees clock in and out from any location.
  2. Desktop — Whether working remotely from home or in the office, GPS time-tracking software tracks your employees’ location using the IP address, leading to accurate clocking in and out. In today’s world of remote working, this is especially helpful.
  3. A Fixed Location — Many companies now use time clock software for recording timestamps of clocking in and out. With GPS time-tracking software, this is even more accurate, as the software can again use the IP address to confirm the employee’s location.

Who Is GPS Time Tracking Designed For?

GPS time tracking is designed for any company that keeps track of the time worked and location of its employees—in other words, it’s designed for everyone.

As mentioned, time tracking is especially helpful for companies whose employees work remotely, have a flexible schedule, or are often out of the office. Tracking time is not saying to employees that you don’t trust them. Rather, it’s saying that you care about the company and also for them, as you want to make sure there are never any misunderstandings about time on the road, out of the office, or not working during working hours.

It can take employees a bit of time to get used to the idea, but in the end, most employees appreciate the fact that their employer sees just how much time and effort they do put in for the sake of the company.

GPS Time Tracking Improves Efficiency

Let’s look at how GPS time tracking specifically increases efficiency for a company.

Payroll Automation
With GPS time tracking, hours of work are automated, making inaccurate timecards a thing of the past. There are very few disputes over pay when the tracking system makes tracking hours and location clear, easy, and automated.

How Hours Are Used
Break time, lunch, and of course, time spent working are all easily evident as you check on each employee throughout the day. This isn’t to make employees feel like they can’t leave their desks. Rather, it’s to have the ability to check on them every now and to then help keep everyone honest and recognize those who are doing most of the work. In that case, employees also appreciate the tracking system.

Promote Unity
In our mobile and sometimes remote work world, knowing we are all part of the same system at work makes us feel connected and not alone. This promotes unity among coworkers, whether in the office or as part of remote work arrangements.

Plan Ahead
In many work situations, plenty of travel time is involved. GPS tracking systems are helpful with the planning of travel. Simply clock in and out from wherever you are. There’s no panicking or running late because you forgot to clock in or out.

Remote Management
Managing remote employees can feel impossible at times. With GPS time-tracking software, however, even remote employees feel like part of the office—and as their manager, you’ll know when they’re working. Many companies have seen that remote employees have a difficult time turning work off. When working from home, it’s always there. In situations like these, time tracking software encourages remote employees to stop working when the day is done.

Few Mistakes
Possibly the number one reason why GPS time tracking is important is the time it saves due to lack of mistakes. Humans make errors—it’s part of what makes us human. And although technology isn’t perfect, there is a smaller chance of error and a greater chance of accuracy because of the software’s programmability and lack of emotions.


GPS time-tracking software encourages transparency—and in some ways, forces it. There’s no hiding what’s really being done during working hours when the software is tracking those hours. As a manager, make sure you model transparency with your employees, so they feel confident in being transparent themselves.

Improves Productivity

Employees prefer to have an understanding of time allotted for tasks and how much time they use or need for a certain task. Time tracking software is helpful in this area, as it answers all of those questions for your employees. Some days, work can seem like a blur when things are busy. Time tracking software makes clocking in and out times clear, and its accuracy encourages better productivity for employees because the window of time is more exact. It’s frustrating as an employee to know that they’ve probably worked overtime but weren’t able to track it. Employees whose time working is accurately tracked are then accurately paid, thus creating higher productivity and more loyal workers.

Whether remote or office managing, we know that your priority as an employer is to seek the best for your company and its employees. Creating an open and honest atmosphere at work creates loyal and devoted employees who care about the company just as much as you do. TimeTrakGO understands this need, and that’s why we designed our GPS time-tracking software to help companies improve efficiency and accuracy. We offer a time clock app with GPS tracking for all your tracking needs. Contact our team at TimeTrakGo, and together, we’ll come up with a plan to improve your company’s tracking system. It’s time to let automated technology work for you.

Why GPS Time Tracking Is Important

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