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What To Know About Time Tracking Software Before Purchasing

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What To Know About Time Tracking Software Before Purchasing

What To Know About Time Tracking Software Before Purchasing

In business, any tool that helps employees and the employer improve productivity and efficiency is worth looking into. Time tracking software is one of those tools. In this article, we’ll discuss what to know about time tracking software before purchasing. Once there is a clear understanding of what time tracking does, you can make a confident decision for your company.

Understanding the Purpose

Choosing time tracking software for your company shouldn’t be a quick decision. It’s important to understand the purpose not only of the software but also for how it will best serve your company. Let’s look at what time tracking software is designed to do and how not to use it.

What Time Tracking Is

A good time tracking software is designed to increase efficiency for all, which in turn increases productivity. Outdated efforts such as paper time cards are a waste of time and prone to errors. Time tracking software eliminates those issues. Here’s what it helps accomplish.

  • Convenience — Thanks to software, employees can clock in from anywhere on their laptop. That means no matter where they’re working from, time is accurately recorded.
  • Simplicity — With just a click, time is recorded to the exact minute.
  • Flexibility — Employees can clock in and out for the day, and also add comments and break times if needed. Rather than hunting down a manager to let them know, employees can easily perform these tasks from their computers.
  • Scheduling — Assign schedules to each employee and gain valuable insights on attendance.
  • Projected Hours — Because time tracking software projects expected hours ahead, overtime is easier to control.

What Time Tracking Is Not

Time tracking is not spying. Using it incorrectly to intimidate employees causes the opposite effect of what you hope to accomplish as a manager. If you are interested in discouraging employees and creating an inefficient atmosphere, then try using software to control their every minute.

When used appropriately, time tracking software holds everyone accountable, including managers. A simple system used to make your employees’ lives easier is appreciated and useful.


Transparency is key when introducing time tracking software to your employees. Before purchasing, plan on being transparent yourself. In other words, make it clear that the software is for everyone in the company. Don’t track employees’ time and not your own. Transparency creates trust and loyalty.

Once in place, be willing to share mistakes you’ve made using the system or how it’s helped you see areas where you could improve the use of your time. Every employee makes the company run and everyone’s time is important.

Introduce and Explain

One of the most important things to know about time tracking software before purchasing is that it shouldn’t be put into place before an explanation is given to employees.

Create a meeting designed to inform employees of the change and how it will help the company as well as the employees as individuals. Be prepared to answer questions and don’t be surprised if employees are at first taken aback. The words “time tracking” sound intimidating until it is thoroughly explained.

Include Everyone

Time tracking software is designed to help an entire company, not just individuals who are picked and chosen. Time tracking is not a punishment for those who aren’t producing well. It certainly is useful when helping an employee see where their time is going. However, the purpose is to include every person in the company, including management.

You’ll have bitter employees when they find out time tracking is only used on “lower levels.” Work as a team and include every level of employee in the time tracking system.

You’ll Need Someone in Charge

When time tracking is new, it helps to assign the task of learning everything they can about the system and also implementing and keeping track of how it’s going. If you have a leader you feel could handle this well, talk with them about taking on the task of being the “go-to” person for time tracking questions and concerns before purchasing.

Regular Checkups

Before implementing time tracking software, schedule regular checkups for the system and for employees. Decide if you feel comfortable having these checkups daily, weekly, or monthly. Here’s what that might look like:

  • Send out a survey after the first month to see how employees feel. Is it working well for them?
  • Have the person in charge of all things related to time tracking related in on the system often in the beginning to see how well it’s handling all of the information and to make sure it’s accurate.
  • Hold a monthly meeting to allow employees to ask questions and address concerns.
  • As a manger, be available for individual concerns and handle them empathetically.

These checkups can lessen once a system becomes natural after it’s used for a while. Just as with anything new, glitches are typically worked out in the beginning.

Offer Motivation and Encouragement

When you see improvements linked to the time tracking system, make those good things known. Employees are motivated with positive encouragement. We all want recognition for our efforts.

Try these creative ideas to encourage employees to keep utilizing the time tracking software. You can also use them to say thank you to your employees for making the effort with a new system:

  • Buy lunch for the entire staff after one month of successful time tracking use.
  • Mail gift cards to the team that saw the greatest improvements thanks to time tracking.
  • Simply say “thank you” to everyone during a meeting, acknowledging the fact that you understand how frustrating it is to have to change to a new system at work. Point out how they’ve made it look easy and everyone is benefiting now from the time tracking system.
  • It can take a while to build new habits. Offer an office party or some incentive after the first complete month of no one forgetting to use the new system.

You know your employees well. Offer encouragement in a way that speaks to them.

Looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity at work is always a step in the right direction. With time tracking software, the worry about accurate clocking in and out is no longer a concern. The best part is this accuracy then trickles down to payroll, making the counting of hours simple and precise.

At TimeTrakGO we offer web-based time clock software to improve time tracking for companies. Our simple and unique approach makes time tracking quick, easy, and accurate. Contact TimeTrakGO and let’s explore ways of how we can help improve efficiency for your company.

What To Know About Time Tracking Software Before Purchasing