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TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

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Pros and Cons of Time-Tracking Software

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Pros and Cons of Time-Tracking Software

Pros and Cons of Time-Tracking Software

Managing your employees’ hours on the job will stress out even the best managers. An efficient program that allows businesses to track, evaluate, and formulate plans maximizes productivity. Understanding the pros and cons of time-tracking software will help your company to make the best decisions.




Taking Responsibility

One way to enhance accountability in the workplace is by using online employee scheduling software. Such systems allow companies to identify their most efficient workers and those that might not be carrying their weight. By seeing exceptions such as late arrival or early departure management is quickly alerted of attendance issues before it becomes a problem.


Allows Transparency

Time-tracking software forms a two-way street of transparency. It provides supervisors analytics that highlight any areas of concern, enabling managers to adjust teams or work cycles to maximize productivity. This system builds sense of understanding between employees and their superiors, as everyone is working for the same goal of increasing efficiency.


Decrease in Cost

Traditional timecards bring on a cornucopia of potential headaches. The right software allows managers to fix errors effectively without dealing with handwritten, paper time cards. Besides quantifiable costs, time-tracking software may save businesses thousands of dollars by appropriately assigning tasks to personnel and eliminating any lost hours during the workday.




Deceased Morale With Increased Paranoia

Any change in the workplace may create some paranoia among employees. Implementing a new time-tracking system makes some employees feel like their bosses are watching their activities, just waiting for a chance to catch them doing something wrong. However, being transparent with your team about how implementing the system can benefit the company will mitigate any potential concerns.


Time Theft

Programming your clock-in settings for your staff keeps issues to a minimum. However, if employees can clock in via an app on their phones, time theft may occur. Make sure that employees clock in using property under company control. Limiting the IP address or not allowing early clock-ins or clock-outs can prevent any malicious actions by staff members.


Reliant on Technology

Using an online time-tracking system leaves businesses open to potential complications. Any internet or power outage will elicit confusion when trying to sort out the correct times. Outside of that, administrators may overanalyze data when deciding on a proper schedule. Overthinking plans of action may cause too much micromanagement, producing more challenges.


Those are just some of the pros and cons of time-tracking software. If this sounds like an option your firm may consider, TimeTrakGo will cater to your wants and needs, giving you the best possible solution.