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Reasons Why Your Employees Fail at Tracking Time

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Reasons Why Your Employees Fail at Tracking Time

Reasons Why Your Employees Fail at Tracking Time

Time tracking is an excellent and innovative way that companies can manage their employee’s time and attendance to pay them accurately.

However, some employees may feel uncomfortable or confused about the process. Lack of proper clock-ins/outs can result in slowed production, decreased accountability, and more. Here are a few reasons why your employees fail at tracking time.

Timesheet Anxiety

When asked to input work hours, many employees experience something called “timesheet anxiety.” Essentially, employees feel anxious at the thought of having to remember their work hours, let alone posting the correct number of hours. This is due to the fear of being judged or accused of not working hard enough. This anxiety can lead to increased stress, uncertainty, and lack of focus on work.

Additionally, utilizing manual timesheets or outdated time tracking systems takes up a lot of time, causing the employee to stress even more because they’re putting off work to complete their timesheet.

Many employees feel watched or policed when an employer asks them to track each task they do at work. They may feel worried about using the bathroom or taking a 15-minute mental break (which is critical in boosting productivity).

As an employer, you must emphasize that time tracking is only used to pay them for all their hard work.

Not Everything Is Billable

Employees may make errors on their timesheets because they did not write down their tasks and how long it took to complete each one.

If an employee needs to respond to a client email or text, it may be difficult to track because you’re unsure how long it took the employee to read the message, find an answer, draft a response, and send it.

Often, this can confuse the time tracking process because an employee may not know what they can track.

Lack of Proper Tools

When a company uses outdated time tracking software, the issues stated above may seem even more prominent and difficult to overcome. You can easily track an employee’s work and catch any issues before they happen by using an online employee scheduling software.

Be sure to communicate with your employee about making the time tracking process easier for them so you’re on the same page.

By understanding why your employees fail at tracking time, you can begin to find solutions to ensure steady productivity and a better work/life balance.