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Top Industries Where GPS time-tracking Is Necessary

Top Industries Where GPS time-tracking Is Necessary

Top Industries Where GPS time-tracking Is Necessary

It’s important to understand why global positioning systems—better known as GPS—are required or critical in different businesses. GPS is used for more than finding your way around the city or taking your family to Disney World in the summer.

GPS time-tracking is crucial for many businesses to operate efficiently and successfully, as it improves workflow and customer service. This system also allows the employee to better manage their time when completing projects away from the workplace.

There are many top industries where GPS time-tracking is necessary, and here are just a few. Read below to find out how GPS time-tracking can be beneficial for you and your business.

HVAC Repair

While some HVAC companies allow their employees to track their time using pen and paper, that method isn’t always practical for on-the-spot time tracking. When an HVAC technician visits a customer’s home, they must be focused on the task at hand rather than clocking in and out. This is where GPS time-tracking comes in.

However, as an owner or manager, you will need to decide whether you’d prefer your employees to start tracking their time when they start to travel, or when they arrive and officially begin their work. For any position that requires an employee to visit a customer’s residence, GPS time-tracking is critical.

With GPS time-tracking software, an HVAC employee may add job notes to their time. For example, if they performed a repair that required additional parts, be sure to encourage them to note it as such when they clock in/out so you’re aware of what services are being completed.

You can also increase and maintain productivity in your HVAC employees with GPS time-tracking software. This way, you can see how long a job takes to reach completion by the technician. Depending on the results, you can work with them to improve their time and figure out more productive techniques or which routes to take that require less travel time.

Electricians and Electrical Contractors

Electricians and electrical contractors alike may highly benefit from GPS time-tracking software. As these employees also tend to visit the customer’s home, they can easily and conveniently track their duties and time.

Another benefit of GPS time tracking in this industry is your company can deploy vehicles efficiently and reduce fuel costs over time.

Though a team member may not do it on purpose when they manually enter their time, they may be solely relying on memory of their workday and misremember when they started and stopped.
Time tracking can be a major asset in managing funds for a business. Avoid timecard “fudging” and unnecessary time inaccuracies.


Plumbers may benefit from using GPS time-tracking software. It can be used to create schedules, maximize route efficiency, and track the time it takes them to complete a duty.

With this data, you can optimize workflow, and encourage your team to control their own clocking in and out times. Your customer service will inevitably improve because your employees will arrive at the customer’s house in an efficient time window and complete the job on time.

Additionally, if a customer is experiencing a plumbing emergency, the GPS time-tracking software can accurately inform the customer when your employee will arrive. It can also provide directions to the job site and manage what the tools and equipment are being used for and when.


A landscaper’s duty is to complete work on the home related to its exterior. This may include mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and bushes, and beautifying the land with plants, flowers, and other accessories.

However, when a landscaper visits a home, there is no way for their employer to know when they started and finished the job unless they use GPS time-tracking software.

While some companies may rely on the honesty of the employee to accurately record their time, it may be a logical solution to apply GPS tracking software in the team member’s daily routines.

Home Builders and Home Repair

As with any employee that visits a customer’s home to complete their job, GPS time-tracking software is necessary on all fronts. This includes keeping their safety in mind as well as their time and attendance.

Find a system that works for both you and your employee to ensure honesty and accuracy. Your employee will be able to complete their tasks and increase your business’s reputation.

Remote Employers

Remote work has been around for years, and the work-from-home industry has boomed in the last two years due to the pandemic. In this case, GPS time-tracking is essential to build trust and hour accuracy between the employer and the employee.

As more companies push for remote positions, more people are becoming less productive when under little to no supervision. Though some employees may benefit from independence in their workplace, others may find difficulty in managing their time and tasks.

By implementing GPS time-tracking software, you can ensure that your employee is working from home (as opposed to working in a distraction-filled coffee shop.)

For example, a time clock app with GPS tracking can be great for a project manager that operates in the film industry. If they need to go on a shoot—whether it’s for one day or one week—they can easily track their location and how long the shoot takes during that length of time. With this software, you can pay them for their hard work.

These are only a few of the top industries where GPS time tracking is necessary. There are lots more. Keep in mind that when implementing your new GPS time-tracking software, it’s critical to communicate your intentions with your employees.

This will help maintain trust and morale within your business and encourage your team to feel comfortable with using the new technology. Over time, many companies, if not all, will start using this software to complete projects and operate successfully in their respected industries.

Top Industries Where GPS time-tracking Is Necessary