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Common Complications With Employee Time Tracking

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Common Complications With Employee Time Tracking

Common Complications With Employee Time Tracking

Tracking your employee’s time can be incredibly beneficial to them and your company, but it may still present difficulties. Here are some common complications with employee time tracking that you may experience and how to fix them.

Potential Micromanaging

Many employees state that when they are required to enter in the time it took them to complete a task, they feel like they’re being watched or micromanaged. This is a common issue in many workplaces and can often decrease team morale.

Be sure to communicate to your employees that the time tracking software is not to “spy” on them. Rather, it helps you pay them the proper amount and streamline workflow for the company to improve productivity.

Maintaining consistent communication about expectations regarding the software can help put your team’s minds at ease.

Manual Tracking Wastes Time

When employees manually enter their time throughout the day, they may be spending a bit more time on it than they should due to calculations and data entry. This can lead to slower production and overall company efficiency. Additionally, it can be challenging to track an employee’s time if they’re remote, as they’re essentially on their own time.

Try to implement a remote employee time clock so that your employee can enter the time they started/finished a task and, within a few minutes, can get back to work because the software calculated it for them.

Tracking Benefits Can Be Difficult

Without time tracking software, your company may have trouble tracking benefits due to the varying hours and vacation time.

However, with time tracking software, you can better manage your workflow and time-off requests. When an employee requests time off, you immediately receive the notification and can take further action from there.

If approved, the employee’s timecard will be updated with the correct details and enable them to calculate their hours from there. This software can improve communication and morale within your workplace.

By following the above tips, you can avoid the common complications with employee time tracking. Maintaining open and honest communication with your team is the best way to go and can boost morale, productivity, and overall efficiency.