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TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

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Signs You Need To Update Your Time Tracking Software

Signs You Need To Update Your Time Tracking Software

Signs You Need To Update Your Time Tracking Software

If your time tracking software is outdated, you could lose valuable time and money. These are the most prominent signs you need to update your time tracking software. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest time tracking technology.

Employees Struggle With Your Software

If employees regularly struggle to figure out how to use your time tracking software, it could have a flawed design. Switching your software to a more intuitive web-based time clock software will help employees understand how to keep track of time. Stop constantly explaining how your time tracking software works by using a new platform.

Your System Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

If your time tracking system isn’t available on mobile, employees could be clocking out inaccurately, especially if they are working remotely. New time tracking software is offered on both mobile and computer platforms to make it easy to access anywhere. Update your time tracking software to get advanced mobile options.

Your System Doesn’t Track Overtime

If your system doesn’t track overtime, that’s a sign you need to update your time tracking software. Without overtime tracking, you’ll have to do extra work to keep track of employee hours. Find a time tracking software that keeps track of employees’ overtime to have an easier time come payroll. Make things easy on yourself with the latest in time tracking technology.

It’s Hard To Budget for Payroll

If it’s hard to keep track of your payroll budget, you might need new time tracking software. The latest time tracking software offers easy-to-understand totals that make estimating your expenditures a breeze. Understand your payroll with the best time tracking software.

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Software

If you’ve outgrown your current software, you’ll need to get new, up-to-date software. Keeping track of time the old-fashioned way can be effective when you only have a few members on your team, but if your company is growing, it’s not sustainable. Update your time tracking software to keep up with your company’s growth.

If you’re in the market for new web-based time clock software, consider TimeTrakGO. Our modern time tracking software makes keeping track of your employees’ hours easy. Update your time tracking software today with TimeTrakGO!