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How To Explain Time Tracking to Your Employees

How To Explain Time Tracking to Your Employees

How To Explain Time Tracking to Your Employees

If you’ve recently implemented a time tracking system or are looking for a new one, you may be wondering how to break the news of time tracking to your team. Time tracking can seem scary to a team, but there are effective ways to let your staff know about the implementation and your reasoning. Read on to learn how to explain time tracking to your employees.

Bring Your Team Together

When it comes time to tell your team about the new time tracking software, you’ll need to get everyone together, ideally at the same time. Create a meeting to share the news to help ensure everyone is on the same page. Let them know the subject of the meeting a few weeks ahead of time, so that they can come prepared with questions.

Allow Them To Voice Their Concerns

Sending out an anonymous survey will allow your team to ask their questions and voice their concerns. Addressing these concerns in the meeting will lay to rest any doubts and worries your staff may have and make your employees feel heard.

Inform Them of the Benefits

Time tracking has many incredible benefits in the workplace. Time tracking software can limit issues like incorrect time entry, time theft, and buddy punching, but those are not the only benefits. When you meet with your employees, stress the benefits they’ll see. Explain that time tracking will help them prioritize, help them be more organized, allow them to make better choices, and help improve their work/life balance.

Invite HR to Your Meeting

When you host your meeting, invite HR to your session to address any concerns. They’ll also be able to help you manage anger and doubts while answering any questions that fall outside your role as the manager.

Allow Time for Questions and Answers

When you host your meeting, allow time for additional questions. Employees may be better able to express their opinions in words. They also may have further questions based on the meeting discussion that will benefit the entire group to hear.

Train Your Team

The last step of explaining time tracking to your employees is to train your team. Once you’ve chosen the right time tracking software, your team will need to understand how to use it. Ensure your team is trained on the new software to avoid confusion.

If you’re looking for a new time card tracking software for your team, consider TimeTrakGO. TimeTrakGO’s simple and easy-to-use platform is available on desktop and mobile to make time tracking for your company a breeze. Keep track of your team’s time with TimeTrakGO today!