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Mobile vs. Desktop Time Tracking: Which To Choose?

Mobile vs. Desktop Time Tracking: Which To Choose?

Mobile vs. Desktop Time Tracking: Which To Choose?

We all know how important timesheets are. We use them to clock in, clock out, and mark lunch breaks. You need to accurately track the time of all your employees, so you can pay them accordingly. You don’t want to deal with any miscalculations or glitches, as this can result in some severe consequences.

You need a device that will work effectively in helping you keep track of everyone’s hours on the job. Now the question you need to answer is, “Mobile or desktop time tracking? Which to choose?”

Mobile Advantages

With a mobile phone, you have everything in one place. You have multiple ways to communicate with people, access the internet, and use apps where you can get your work done. Use your mobile device to remind yourself of important tasks you need to complete.

Say you take a break for work, clock out for 30 minutes, and then need to clock back in. You might lose track of time or forget to clock back in all together and just start working. These things happen. With a mobile device, you can set a reminder, so you don’t miss a single minute.

You can send work emails, speak with colleagues or clients, and complete assignments all in one spot. And you get a free range of movement. If you work from home, you have the luxury of starting your timesheet for remote workers at any location.

Mobile Disadvantages

A mobile device has its disadvantages too. For one, the screen is smaller than other technology instruments. The screen size on a phone might be acceptable for more basic day-to-day tasks, but projects that require more complex work can get difficult on a mobile device.

Because your phone holds so many functions, you run the risk of experiencing non-stop interruptions. When you’re working, you need to give some assignments your undivided attention. Phones have a way of disturbing this process. You might get a phone call, text message, or notification from social media that deters you from your task.

Desktop Advantages

Desktop devices are great business tools because they have the capacity to hold several crucial and vital information. With your job, you have several papers and documents you need to keep record of. A desktop provides you with multiple folders and helps you organize and keep track of everything.

Desktops are more reliable than mobile devices because of their power and performance. They come equipped with computer processor software that enables users to handle multiple programs and activities.

Desktop Disadvantages

There are a few downsides to desktops as well. For one, these technology instruments take up a lot of space, and you don’t have much a mobility option. With a desktop, you are stationary.

If you work from home, you have to be comfortable with staying in one location throughout the workday. Sometimes, moving to a new location increase productivity and helps you power through the day.

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At TimeTrak Go, we provide small business owners with a software that helps them keep track of all their workers’ time. With our software, you won’t need to worry about choosing between a mobile or desktop device for time tracking—you can choose either one. Visit our website for more information.