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What Is Time Clock Software and the Benefits?

time clock software

What Is Time Clock Software and the Benefits?

The first time clocks for workers were introduced was in 1888. It was a mechanical time-keeping device, that tracked the hours an employee worked. Employees had to take their card and insert it into a slot where it was stamped to check in and check out. The information was used by the employer to calculate pay.

Fast forward 150 years, and although employers still need to keep tabs on the hours their employees are working, thankfully now we have a time clock software to do this job for us.

Time clock software is an easy way that your business can keep track of the times and hours that your employees are working efficiently. There are also a string of other benefits to using attendance software in your workplace.

In this article, we’re going to look at some different types of time clock software, which one is best for your business and the benefits of using it.

What Is a Time Clock Software?

Time clock software uses an app of some sort to electronically track hours that your employees are doing work-related tasks. It replaces the need for manual punch clocks.

Time tracking software is frequently used by freelancers who charge by the hour, a student who may have deadlines to keep, and of course, managers who use employee time tracking to manage payable hours, work out over time, and to plan staff vacation time.

How Do Time Clock Apps Work?

A web-based time clock does more than just clock the time in and out. They can be integrated into other platforms and task management applications that the company uses and will send a notification if a job hasn’t been completed due to an absence.

It’s also a great way for employees to set their availability so work can be delegated to other people in the team. It’s also useful to track the overall hours a team has spent on a large-scale project and to see if progress is on track.

They are automated tools that will help businesses manage their time electronically and automatically.

The Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Time clock software does more than just help businesses manage their time and save them from manually filling out spreadsheets and compiling reports from these. Here are some of the benefits of using an online time clock to track work.

To Improve Workplace Productivity

Team members can see exactly where they are spending their time and see how much progress has been made. Using a time app will enable managers to identify which tasks are taking more time, and which ones don’t take as long helping them to delegate the workload more effectively.

To Help Improve Work-Life Balance

By keeping tabs on the horse spent working it can be easier to maintain a work-life balance. Time-keeping apps can have a notification on them to remind employees to take regular breaks, like a stretch, drinking a glass of water, or have a break from the screen.

To Make Billing Easier

A lot of time-keeping apps come with an invoicing feature, so the hours logged will automatically get put on an invoice. This makes it easier to bill your clients at the end of each week, or project without having to sift through spreadsheets to find the correct information.

To Make People More Accountable

It’s easier to monitor the progress of your employees which helps improve accountability in the workforce by being able to identify when a worker has taken an extended break, or clocked in and then didn’t produce any work that day.

To Help Identify the Top Performers

On the flip side to flagging up underachieving people, having time clock software also highlights staff who are the most productive members of the team. It will show the ones who put in the longest hours, and who complete the most work on a project.

To Keep Track of the Budget

Time software is a great way of keeping tabs on project expenses. You’ll be able to put the data from a specific project and see if the hours spent align with what a client has paid for the job. This can also help to work out who the most profitable clients are, and also give an insight into which tasks need to be allocated a higher pay rate.

To Track Remote Worker Hours

With the increase in remote working, it can be challenging to track the hours that everyone is workings. Some software will have options to delegate certain jobs at the start of the day and will identify which employees ahs checked in each day.

To Get Real-Time Data

A customer or client may contact you with an urgent request about what progress has been made, and instead of sending out separate emails to your staff, you can view the data from the application and send them real-time data on the progress made.

The Features of a Good Time Clock Software

There are a lot of different time clock software apps out there. If you’re after something basic and timer-like then there are free versions available. However, these won’t include lots of the features that make the workflow most efficient. Here are some of the things you should be taking into consideration before choosing your software:

  • It has advanced features like payable hours and overtime
  • There should be easy-to-read reporting and analysis capabilities to help track workflow and make appropriate decisions
  • The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive to navigate
  • If you’re using other project management tools, and staffing requirements such as vacation scheduling
  • Efficient aftersales and customer support to help resolve any issues

Looking for a Robust, Visual, and Easy-To-Use Time Clock?

In this article, we talked about why time clock software is an essential part of making your company run smoothly, along with an abundance of benefits to using them.

If you’re thinking of investing in web-based time clock software, that’s not only simple but has a wide range of features, then TimeTrakGo is the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s easy to use and has a visual and intuitive interface allowing you to see how productive your company is, and automating the need for manual time tracking. Visit us today and try it for free to see how much it can help your business.