Did you know that 29% of employees show up late to work at least once a month? Occasionally late employees aren’t much of a cause for concern, but when it leads to chronic tardiness, you need to take action.

Employee tardiness will cost your business money and negatively impact productivity.

Implementing a mobile time tracking system can eradicate these issues. Keep reading to learn the benefits.

1. Reduces Time Theft

Time theft can cost small businesses a huge chunk of revenue. It’s important to control waste within your business by getting rid of those paper time cards.

Manual timesheets leave your business vulnerable to time theft through inaccurate time cards and buddy punching. Buddy punching refers to employees that ask coworkers to clock them in when they aren’t at work.

An employee might use this strategy when they are running late for work. This might not seem like a big deal, but stolen time can add up fast and bloat your labor costs.

An accurate mobile time tracking app leads to big savings. A mobile employee time tracker won’t mess up your numbers.

Plus, there are time tracking systems that require employees to complete a biometric test to avoid tactics like buddy punching.

2. Efficient Tracking

Mobile time tracking with GPS helps make remote employee hour tracking more efficient. A GPS time tracking app will use a smartphone’s functionality to track employee whereabouts.

A basic GPS tracking time clock app provides employees with the general area employees are in when they clock in or out of work. Businesses can set up a geofence to make these programs more efficient.

A geofence is a virtual barrier that enforces restrictions. Employers can implement geofences around their workplace so that employees don’t clock in from anywhere else but work.

3. Reporting Data

If your business is looking to improve processes or update business strategies, tracking employee hours is a great place to start.

Mobile time tracking provides employers with valuable insights into productivity and payroll. This data can also ensure that companies stay compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The records you have through your time tracking software act as evidence of compliance in case of a government audit.

4. Integrates With Payroll

A mobile time tracker is a helpful piece of the payroll process. It tracks your employee hours and becomes effective when it integrates with the payroll department.

Information from the digital time clock app is shared with your accounting team. The department can easily export attendance records and ensure paychecks are on time and accurate every payday.

Implement Mobile Time Tracking

Mobile time tracking is an implementation that can benefit small and large businesses. If you need a better way to track employee hours, this is the way to go.

When you work with TimeTrakGO, you reduce time theft, reap efficient tracking, have access to reporting data, and can easily implement the service with payroll.

If you want to reap these benefits and more, don’t wait any longer to change your time tracking system. Try TimeTrakGo today for free to learn how it can impact your business.

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