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5 Best Practices Worth Following When Using Our Time Tracker App

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5 Best Practices Worth Following When Using Our Time Tracker App

With time theft in America reaching around $11 billion every year, it is imperative companies try to claw back some of their productivity. For this reason, many organizations now make use of a time tracker app to ensure their employees communicate the full day’s work. Although using one for the first time can be hard, how can you make the most of such a management technique?

Below, we list five of the best ways to make time tracking not a chore and to help you ensure you use it in the best way possible. Read through these and see which you can apply to your work to improve your timesheet moving forward.

1. Remember to Track All Your Time

Time tracking itself is a task itself. Remember to turn on and off your time tracker only when you have fully finished the day’s work, and start it before you begin. If you have many small tasks that do not need breaks, do not start and stop your tracking between them, but consider them all part of your work day.

2. Categorize Time as It Happens

Do not go back at the end of the day, and try to track all you have done. If you do, it is inevitable you will forget the details of when you started and stopped. Instead, have the time tracker software running as you work. This way, you have the information right then and there.

If you cannot do this, use a notepad to track time and come back at the end of the day with all the data you need.

3. Keep Details Recorded

Sometimes you might want to update your supervisor or others on the details of the work you do. If you need this, keep it written in a different document or in a physical notepad.

If someone wants to know more about a task listed in the employee time tracker, they can ask you. If you find you always need to answer this question about specific work, then find a way to get the information out about it.

4. Use the Extra Features

Your time-tracking software should have extra features that make it easier for you to do your work. This might include scheduling, overtime tracking, and much more besides.

Try to use these to speed up your process further.

5. Audit Once a Week

There is every chance you forget things here and there. Make sure you go back at the end of the week to add detail where you missed it. This prevents questions about your work week and helps you stay on top of your schedules.

The Best Time Tracker App

The above information should help you ensure a time tracker app is a good investment. If you have not yet chosen specific time tracker software, though, you might want to know which is the best one on the market.

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