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5 Recent Innovations of Time Clock Software

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5 Recent Innovations of Time Clock Software

Studies show that 21% of U.S. adults wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker. But keeping track of your roster and scheduling holidays requires time clock software with more features than a smartwatch. You need to be able to monitor remote employees as well as in-office workers.

Plus, you need web-based time clock software that can be shared across multiple platforms. This way, you can track time off requests and implement an employee time clock for working hours. Time clocks are constantly evolving, and new developments are being made to increase productivity and ensure that your rota is streamlined effectively.

Here are the five most recent employee time clock software innovations you need to know about.

5 Developments in Time Clock Software

Time clock software tools help track and organize your employees’ work hours. But time-clocking software is also great for scheduling holidays and recording days off amongst staff members. Most of the time, the features of a time clock program function the same way as traditional clock-punching features.

With the help of technology, you can manage your employees online while ensuring that people are showing up on time for their shifts. It’s essential for companies who work in hybrid or fully remote setups as this is the only way to check that your employees are working the time they are supposed to.

1. Automated Time Tracking for Work

One of the most recent developments in time clocks is using automation to access real-time data anytime. Automation has improved the function of time clock software by giving people more options for browsing the program from different devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

The flexibility that automation gives employees is excellent for encouraging staff members to use the software and check in during allocated times. If the tool is easy to use, more people are willing to work with it in the workplace.

As automation becomes a more significant part of the online world, time clock software that uses automated tools is guaranteed to help you plan your work rota in a quick and straightforward way.

2. Advanced Authentication With Biometrics

Time clock software is used primarily online, so there’s a risk that your employees will pretend that they are clocking in and not show up for their work shifts. The latest time clock software has adapted Biometric data like facial recognition and fingerprints to confirm the employee’s identity.

You no longer need to worry about low attendance when your employees are asked to confirm their identity at check-ins. One of the significant obstacles of remote working is that you can’t see your staff members show up to an office every day, so you need to trust them to deliver their daily tasks in a timely manner.

Advanced authentication tools are the latest trend in time clock software that supports both managers and employees. So, everyone is held accountable for their working hours.

3. Calendar Feature for Better Organization

It’s essential for businesses to have a clear overview of the following weeks and months in their business schedule, which is why more time clock software apps are using calendar features. A calendar feature for employees is a good way to ensure that no rota schedules clash in advance.

Once employees pick a space on a calendar, they are given reminders and notifications from the software, so no one can claim to forget about their work rota. From a manager’s perspective, this allows you to keep employees to their word. You won’t have as many unexpected absences if the rota is outlined in a calendar feature for everyone to see.

Most of the time, the calendar app also gives an overview of the total number of working hours and highlights in different colors holidays. This is ideal for boosting employee productivity in the workplace. And it gives people more flexibility when choosing their work times.

4. Detailed Tracking and Scheduling

Another great development with time clock software is GPS tracking for time management. Not only does this allow employers to track their staff’s working times, but it also allows you to organize employees from all over the world. The GPS feature is perfect for remote companies looking to increase their organization.

The GPS feature also ensures that work hours don’t clash with several time zones. Plus, you can keep track of working hours no matter where your employee is located, even if you’re not working simultaneously. GPS gives you detailed tracking on the go, so your schedule suits your whole staff team.

5. Enhanced UX Design

The more we learn about technology, the more we realize that UX design is crucial when designing software. Time clock software is being enhanced with UX design features to make it more intuitive and appealing to employees. If you want to start using time clock software, it’s important to check the UX design before making a purchase.

Even if the software has all the recent trends in time clock programs, you might not like the UX design. Or, the UX design might be poorly made, preventing your employees from using it in your workplace.

Ideally, you want to find the best time-clocking software with an equally smooth and easy-to-use UX design. You can ask the team at a time clock software company to test the interface or ask for a demo to see if you like how it operates across devices. Then, you can make an informed decision that you know will improve your scheduling processes.

*Time and Track With One Software

A time clock software should be easy to use and simple. You don’t want to overwhelm your employees with a complicated UX design with several features and intricate applications. This will stop people from making the most of this software and lead to issues with time management and scheduling holidays.

To save you time and hassle, our time clock software takes the traditional concept of time cards and makes them digital. The interface is straightforward and clear, so everyone can learn to use it in just a few days.

Try our time clock software for free and see how it will transform your business time management!