How do you keep track of an employee that has left your work premises? Every employee is a trustworthy one until they betray that trust. It’s important to know where they are at all times lest they take advantage of the minimal freedom they’ve been given on the job. A GPS tracker allows you to keep tabs on an employee, wherever they’ve gone.

Not only does it help with efficiency and motivation, but it can improve productivity.

Here are three things to know if you intend to use real time GPS tracking in your business.

1. What to Expect From a GPS Tracker

GPS tracking software is available in various forms, such as real time GPS tracker for a car or an app that constantly communicates your location. Regardless of what is used, this technology is as accurate as the navigation system you might use in your vehicle.

You can expect GPS to know where a person is clocking in and out from anywhere in the world. The only things that may limit it are certain buildings that can block that signal. Otherwise, you can view real-time data such as worked hours and a map view of an employee’s travel throughout the day.

2. How It Can Help Your Business

There are multiple reasons to use a GPS real time tracker for your business.

First of all, it reduces time theft by controlling time waste. With manual time cards, people may clock in at the wrong times or have a friend clock them. A mobile time tracking system helps to get more accurate hours and see where they clocked in and out from.

Second, the data gathered can be used to improve productivity and your payroll. You can also use the data to show your compliance in regard to employee hours.

Access all of this data and more using a simple web application. See where your employees are on a live map that updates in real time.

3. Associated Costs

Something to keep in mind is that GPS trackers don’t have to be an expensive investment.

If you’re getting one installed into a company vehicle, then you’ll need to pay for the equipment and installation. However, there are also plenty of GPS tracker real time options that work with whatever smart device your employees carry. No need to pay for new equipment.

In addition, using GPS time tracking will allow you to save money every pay period. You won’t have to worry about an employee leaving to pick up lunch on the clock and only clocking out when they get back.

Try Out GPS Tracking Today

Using a GPS tracker is worth it if you want to up your business’s efficiency. Your employees may not be quick to accept it, but it’ll help keep their coworkers accountable on the job. The best part is that it doesn’t require a significant investment to get started.

TimeTrakGo lets you monitor your employees as they punch in and punch out. The GPS tracking system also lets you see where they are using the web application.

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