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Why Every Remote Employer Should Invest in Time Clock Software

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Time Clock Software

Why Every Remote Employer Should Invest in Time Clock Software

Statistics from 2022 show that 26% of US employees work remotely. These statistics also show that 36.2 million Americans are expected to work remotely by 2025. With so many businesses having remote positions, time clock software is becoming important. There are all kinds of business software that can be used when tracking remote work.

This is something that small business owners should consider for their own employees. It can be a great way to improve efficiency and reduce expenses and confusion.

Keep reading to find out more about time clock software for your remote employees.

Better PTO Tracking

As a small business, tracking PTO or paid time off can be quite difficult. This is especially true if most of your employees work remotely.

Time clock software helps you to do this by monitoring and controlling PTO. Manual tracking can be time-consuming and often results in a mistake that can cost your business.

Time clock software helps you to do this by monitoring and controlling PTO. Manual tracking can be time-consuming and often results in mistakes that can cost your business.

This tracking software does all of this automatically for you by tracking vacation and sick pay. There’s no need for spreadsheets, paper calendars, or files around this.

All you need to do is enter these PTO requests onto your remote employee time cards to document them. This helps you to track exactly how much their balance should be and who is using PTO.

Managing Time Off Requests

Software solutions are also important for tracking general time off. Having employees work remotely is convenient in some ways and tedious in others.

Depending on how many employees you have, time off requests can become consuming. It can also be difficult to figure out who has time off and who doesn’t if you are tracking this manually.

Time clock software helps to do this digitally for any kind of time off requests. You will have an easy-to-view calendar with one-click approvals for easy supervision.

This will help you to know who is working and who isn’t, and who needs to be paid during this time.

Efficient Scheduling

Tracking your remote employees can be complicated for small businesses. With everyone working from home, it’s not as simple as having someone arrive at work and leave on time.

With this kind of business software, you can keep track of who is clocking in and out. You can spot those clocking in late or clocking out early, or taking extra long breaks.

These show up in an efficient way so that they are easy to spot if the issues reoccur. This is done with graphical time cards and easy employee scheduling software.

This can save time and save you money if employees are slacking.

Remote Clocking Efficiency

Remote employees can often have a hard time tracking their hours. If they aren’t getting up and going into a workplace, clocking in and out is a bit more complex.

Time clock software simplifies this by giving employees a program to clock in and out of. They have access to their time cards, schedules, and hours for their work.

This is effective for you and your employees so that everyone is getting their job done. Clocking in and out is also done in real-time, so you can see exactly when your employees are starting work.

This is done with GPS tracking that is accessible to everyone as long as they have an Internet connection. Everyone will know when everyone else is working and creates a simple environment.

It is especially useful during turbulent seasons or when you are hiring new employees.

Overtime Insights

Remote employees may struggle to keep track of their overtime. This can make their schedule confusing as well as result in them not being paid enough or you paying too much.

This business software has a feature that helps to solve this problem. It shows employees their projected hours and keeps track of all of the time they have been working.

You won’t have to rely on their word or their memory for this since it will be cataloged. This allows everyone to have access to this information so that there is no confusion when payday comes.

All-In-One Option

One of the best aspects of this time clock software is how effective it is for small businesses. There are all kinds of business software out there that offer similar features.

But this software is an all-in-one option that simplifies your business needs. You won’t have to rely on multiple programs to keep track of remote employees and their schedules.

Most employers have to have scheduling programs as well as other trackers for PTO and employee hours. With this software, everything is included, so employees and employers have access to all features.

This makes it easier for everyone involved so that you are saving time and money and treating your employees fairly.

Time Clock Software for Remote Employers

If you have a small business, chances are you may also have some remote employees. If this is the case, you may be interested in time clock software to better manage these employees.

It also offers all of the features you need in one program that everyone can access easily. It is efficient for employers and employees alike.

Are you interested in using time clock software for scheduling and monitoring your employees? Contact us today at Time Trak Go to try this business software out for free.