Did you know that 55% of US employees don’t use all of their paid time off (PTO) each year? Though that may sound like good news to employers and managers at first, it can signal a problem with workplace culture rather than a useful quirk.

Overworked employees tend to be less productive in the long run. Worse, the medical complications associated with overworking often strike the most productive employees.

You can protect your valuable employees and yourself from financial and legal liabilities by getting a top-notch timesheet management system. Learn about the markers of a great timesheet management system by reading this handy guide.

Absence Management

All businesses are legally required to offer PTO to their employees and it’s also a useful way of making an employee’s contract more enticing so you can attract great candidates. However, when an employee does take leave, several departments need a record of that for their own purposes (HR, Accounting, and even Legal).

For this reason, whichever time tracking system you use should be able to recognize and record PTO.


A good time-tracking system should also be able to be tailored to each individual who will use it. A single online timesheet or app should be used by the employees to log their hours or days as well as the employers or managers who use that data.

The timesheet system should also be able to generate custom reports so that each department that uses the data only gets the information they want. Having a wide range of possible integrations can make up for this, but then your support staff has to learn to use way more programs.

Mobile Compatibility

The timesheet management system you choose must be accessible on a mobile device. This can either be with an app or an extremely mobile-friendly web page. This makes it possible for project management to take place on-site, wherever that may be.

User Friendliness

You also benefit when your time-tracking system is easy to learn and easy to use. This makes implementation of the system and future updates quicker and easier for your technical team and general staff. It also simplifies the lives of employees who, as a consequence of training in other areas, struggle a bit more with adapting to new systems.

This is especially important if the time management system doesn’t integrate with many other types of software. If your accounting and legal departments can’t use a separate app to generate custom reports, a custom reports function with an easy-to-read interface is vital.

Get the Best Online Timesheet Management System

Time-tracking is a fundamental part of admin, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make it easy for yourself with an online timesheet management system.

To find a good one, look out for ones that handle absence management well. They should be user-friendly and able to run on mobile devices. Customizable reporting capabilities also help to boost your workplace efficiency.

If you want time-tracking software that ticks all these boxes, take a look at our product. We offer web-based time-tracking for the modern workforce.

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