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Using a PTO Calendar with Time Tracking: A Quick Guide

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Using a PTO Calendar with Time Tracking: A Quick Guide

Keeping your employees happy goes a long way toward your company’s success. People satisfied with their jobs are more productive, creative, and less likely to quit. A key part of maintaining workplace happiness is providing employee leave, but it can be difficult to properly track paid time off.

If you’re using a manual PTO calendar, it’s important to understand the benefits tracking software can provide. Let’s explore the key information you should know.

Streamlined PTO Requests

Using tracking software can streamline your employees’ time off requests. The right software can help you approve or deny requests with minimal effort. You can also block certain days that employees aren’t permitted to take off.

This can easily prevent major scheduling conflicts. Tracking software also helps you organize PTO requests. Workers can use tags like “sick” or “vacation” to keep this data organized.

Mobile Access

One of the greatest benefits of using tracking software for your PTO spreadsheet is mobile access. Quality time tracking applications allow users to access them from mobile devices. This is particularly useful for employees who frequently travel.

For instance, imagine a worker needing to call a manager from a separate location to input their PTO request. Instead, they can do it in seconds from their phone.


Time tracking systems that include a vacation tracker provide unparalleled flexibility. It’s no secret that many companies are hiring more remote employees than ever before. Some businesses even let their workers create their own schedules.

Tracking their vacation time will ensure they don’t request more PTO than allowed. It will also help workers allocate their remaining PTO days for the year and plan their schedules more effectively. This can lead to greater employee happiness and productivity.

Detailed Reporting

It’s crucial to use software that provides detailed reporting. Many trackers only provide info on days worked and days taken off. The best tracking apps offer much more data.

To clarify, detailed reporting can inform you of when people tend to take the most time off. You can also gain insight into complications that arise from PTO requests. For instance, you’ll need a policy in place that prevents an entire team from taking time off concurrently.

Eliminate Paperwork

Paperwork is often unnecessary and cumbersome. Not only is it difficult to manage, but it makes HR’s role more complicated.

Using the right tracking software keeps all of your information digital and accessible. There’s also something to be said about the production and carbon footprint from using fewer resources. Keep this attribute in mind, as many customers prioritize environmentally-conscious businesses.

Optimize Your PTO Calendar

Using a tracker can make managing your PTO calendar much easier. You’ll have a strong understanding of your employees’ time off and avoid issues you may have otherwise encountered.

TimeTrakGO proudly offers a web-based tool that serves as an alternative to messy handwritten timesheets. We aim to help business owners clearly envision their workweeks so they can plan more efficiently. Start your free trial today and see how we can help.