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Simply put (pun intended)

TimeTrakGO was built from the ground up to be completely intuitive and easy to use. Our unique graphical time card and schedule creator takes the guesswork out of confusing timesheets and messy time cards.

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Finally, a web-based time clock software that is simple and easy to use.

Simple Employee Time Clock Software

What Makes us Different From The Others?

Our goal is to provide a simple employee time clock software that is intuitive and easy to use. After seeing a lack of innovation coming from the time clock software industry, we got frustrated with the traditional employee time card which resembles a spreadsheet.


TimeTrakGO’s web-based time clock software offers an easy to understand user interface (UI) to get you and your team up and running in minutes.

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web based time tracking
projected overtime

See The Overtime Before It Occurs

Our simple employee time clock software includes a feature called Projected Hours, which automatically shows you potential employee overtime before it happens. This can save you thousands in costly overtime expenses with minimal effort.


This money-saving feature takes future scheduled hours into consideration and predicts the overtime before it occurs. Once identified, future schedules may be adjusted preventing the overtime and saving thousands on payroll.

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Unique Graphical time cards

Our graphical employee time card helps you quickly identify and fix mistakes. Instead of having to tediously sift through rows of information to find the issue you’re looking for, our “puzzle piece” visual layout allows you to quickly identify absences or missing punches.

web based time tracking

TimeTrakGO Key Features

Our goal is to provide a simple way to track employee hours with a fully online timekeeping system. More than just timesheets, TimeTrakGO is that perfect mix of a simple time clock with easy employee scheduling.

Time Tracking

Employees can clock in or out, take a break, or add timecard details instantly using a graphical time card.

Control Overtime

Monitor and control overtime with the use of our Projected Hours feature to see the overtime before it occurs.

Simple Timesheets

From a simple employee-completed timesheet to a web time clock, we have you covered.


Interactively coordinate individual and team schedules in a simple interface saving you hours each month.

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor and control overtime with the use of real-time labor reports that export quickly to Excel.

Graphical Timecards

A truly unique approach to employee time tracking that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

What is TimeTrakGO?

TimeTrakGO is a cloud-hosted employee time tracking application that is simple and easy to use.  Our graphical employee time card is an innovative approach to employee timekeeping that helps you visualize the work-week like no other system can.

How does it work?

TimeTrakGO is a 100% web-based application that does not require expensive time clock hardware.  Employees can clock in\out from our web-based time clock kiosk, the convenience of their own computer, or our iPhone and Android mobile app.

How much does it cost?

Starting at just $2.40 per active user, per month TimeTrakGO is the clear and obvious choice or any business that is looking for a simple, easy to use timekeeping application that won’t break the bank.

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