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Troubleshooting Tips for a Web Based Time Clock

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Troubleshooting Tips for a Web Based Time Clock

Do you need help troubleshooting your time clock software?

Even the best web-based time clocks may malfunction now and then. However, these problems usually turn out to be simple matters that are easy to remedy.

Whether you’re facing connectivity issues or the software isn’t letting you start your shift, when you’re facing problems with your time clock, these tips can help. To learn how to get your time clock software up and running again, keep reading.

Double-Check the URL

First of all, make sure you’ve typed the URL, or web address, correctly to access your online time clock. If you seem to be on the wrong webpage, you may have clicked the wrong link somewhere.

Refresh the Webpage

Refreshing the page is a tried-and-true method for getting web applications to start working. If you’re facing perplexing performance problems that you can’t seem to identify the cause of, refreshing the webpage might fix it.

Check Your Internet Connection

If the time clock is offline or refuses to let you clock in, you may have gotten disconnected from the internet.

Check this by loading a different website to see if you’re getting an internet connection. If you’re offline, check the WiFi connection or that the Ethernet cable is plugged in.

Make Sure You’re on-Schedule

Depending on the time clock application your employer uses and its settings, you may not be allowed to clock in until your shift starts. Double-check your schedule to make sure you’re supposed to be starting work already.

Update Your Browser

Some web apps will only work in the latest versions of popular web browsers. If you’re using a major browser like Chrome or Firefox, consider checking for updates before continuing. This could be the cause of your issues.

Reconfigure the Time Clock

If nothing else on this list has made a difference, your supervisor may need to reconfigure the time clock to get it working again. The process of reconfiguring a web-based time clock will vary depending on the program being used.

Report Issues to the Developer

If all else fails and you’re still unable to clock in, you’ll want to report the issues you’re facing to the time clock software developer or publisher.

There should be a support helpline or email address you or your supervisor can contact. Make sure to describe the problem in detail so they’ll know how to help.

Upgrade Your Web-Based Time Clock to TimeTrakGO

Now you know what to do when your web-based time clock software isn’t working.

Time spent troubleshooting issues can add up quickly and become a big loss for businesses. If you find yourself needing to troubleshoot your time clock software often, it may be time to try a different program.

TimeTrakGO is a best-in-class time clock program that you can access conveniently on just about any device connected to the internet. Learn more and start your 14-day free trial today.