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How To Improve Productivity at Work by Tracking Employee Hours

Did you know that the average worker spends almost three-quarters of an hour on social media every day?

Lots of business owners mistakenly think that it is easy to assess how productive their employees are at the workplace. This is why it is so common for them to track their employees’ hours by filling out timesheets or timecards.

What they don’t realize is that it is possible to improve productivity and run more successful businesses by using the right kinds of time clock software.

We’ve written a guide to help you figure out how to improve employee productivity by tracking your employees’ hours. Read on to find out more.

The Problem with Using Manual Timecards

Unfortunately, many business owners are hesitant to start using web-based time-tracking software because they think that there is nothing wrong with using manual timecards.

The truth is that employees who are left to clock in and clock out without using time-tracking software programs often make errors when they report how many hours they’ve been working.

One of the most common mistakes that employees make is padding their timesheets at the start and at the end of their shifts.

Though workers sometimes do this by accident, some people often do this on purpose.

In fact, research suggests that around forty-four percent of employers who do not use electronic time-tracking software experience some kind of time theft.

Fortunately, there are many kinds of time-tracking software that are easy to use and inexpensive.

Show Your Employees How to Properly Track Their Hours

It is important to make sure that your workers understand why time tracking is so important.

If you have recently started to use a new kind of time-tracking system, you should also show them how this system works.

Make sure that somebody meets with each of your employees to speak to them about your workplace’s time clock software. Walk each person through your time-tracking tool and offer them guidance on how to track their time.

You can take this opportunity to show your workers how to fix time-tracking errors. You’ll also need to make sure that new employees know how long their breaks should be.

Automate Your Employee Tracking System

Once you automate your time tracking system, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your timesheets are one hundred percent accurate.

Chances are that your employees will be excited to start using time-tracking software. This is because it will become easier for them to document their work time.

On top of this, members of your HR department will be able to shift their focus to more important tasks. They will no longer need to worry about manually keeping track of people’s hours.

Collect the Right Kinds of Details about Employee Work Hours

You’ll need to find the right balance between simplifying your employee time tracking system and not making it unnecessarily complex.

At the very least, you are going to need to be able to keep track of when your workers are taking breaks and when they are having lunch. You will also need to be able to keep track of your employees’ overtime hours.

You can easily accomplish all of these things by using employee time-tracking software. The best software programs will also generate practical data.

You can use this information to make strategic labor-related decisions at your workplace.

Time Tracking Software Features: Become More Efficient

The best types of time-tracking software have easy-to-use features that will help your business to run more efficiently.

You can find out which of your employees are working in real-time and set alerts if your workers head into overtime.

It is also possible to have your workers clock in by location. This is a great feature to use if you want to make sure that your employees only clock in when they are located at your workplace.

Make Use of Your Time Tracking Data

You can use the data that your time-tracking software produces in order to make smart decisions at your workplace.

You can analyze time-tracking data to improve your estimates about how long it will take to complete important projects.

It will also become easier to identify areas where your company is over-resourced. This can save your company a lot of money.

Once you start to gather more time-tracking data, you will be able to create more accurate assessments related to labor and costs at your workplace.

Improve Records for Billing and Legal Purposes

Many time-tracking apps have invoicing features. This means that the hours that employees log will automatically be included on invoices.

Therefore, it will become much easier to bill your clients at the end of every workweek. You won’t need to look through spreadsheets to track down the right billing information.

You will have all of your employees’ hours on record when you use start to use time-tracking software. This means that it will become much easier to submit workplace records for legal purposes.

Improve Productivity at Work by Tracking Employee Hours

There are many great reasons why you should use time-tracking software to track employee hours. It will become easier for your workers to keep track of their hours. You will also be able to improve productivity at work.

Are you looking for the best time clock software to use at your workplace? If so, we are here to help you. Try TimeTrakGO for free for 14 days to find out for yourself how easy it is to use. Don’t hesitate to get started today.